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Future peace and prosperity will no longer be within our reach, if we in Germany do not commit more resolutely to greater sustainability and channel all our energy into making it happen – be it in politics, business, science or civil society.

Marlehn Thieme, Chairwoman of the Council

Marlehn Thieme

The principle of sustainability is the only option for responsible global action; it protects our eco-systems and thus ensures the survival of generations to come.

Olaf Tschimpke, Deputy Chairman of the Council

Olaf Tschimpke

Measuring sustainability and identifying interrelationships are major success factors for anchoring this topic in companies and on capital markets.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen, Member of the Council

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen

Avoiding past mistakes means pointing progress in the right direction: the principle of sustainable development is a good compass for technical and social innovations at local, national and global level.

Ulla Burchardt, Member of the Council

Ulla Burchardt

The global sustainability and climate protection goals are the long-term milestones. Now we have to engage in an honest discussion about what the state, private sector and citizens can and must do to achieve them.

Kathrin Menges, Member of the Council

Kathrin Menges

The energy revolution has greatly reduced the costs of green electricity, so it is competitive at international level and helps to achieve the global sustainability goals without additional CO2 emissions.

Alexander Müller, Member of the Council

Alexander Müller

The idea of sustainability is at the core of a viable, innovative economy and is vital for a society that aims to safeguard quality of life in the long term. That is why the three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social – must be considered together.

Katherina Reiche, Member of the Council

Katherina Reiche

Make the sustainable choice the easy choice.

Prof. Dr. Lucia A. Reisch, Member of the Council

Prof. Dr. Lucia A. Reisch

Sustainable development requires to find as much common ground as possible but also to accept differences.

Dr. Werner Schnappauf, Member of the Council

Dr. Werner Schnappauf

Today, sustainable development requires an agenda which explicitly links global and national goals and policies and thus gives global cooperation a strong push forward.

Dr. Imme Scholz, Member of the Council

Dr. Imme Scholz

In forest science, we learned how important the sustainable management of natural resources is centuries ago. Empirical knowledge, openness to new things and humility in the face of nature can help other sectors, too.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schraml, Member of the Council

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schraml

Cities, even more so than today, will become hubs of technological and social development in the future. All the more important are efforts to encourage the sustainable development of our cities.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, Member of the Council

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster

We need to make bold political decisions that reward growth less and sustainability more and that encourage the common good instead of profit-seeking.

Prof. Dr. Hubert Weiger, Member of the Council

Prof. Dr. Hubert Weiger

The UN Sustainable Development Goals present the vision of a fundamental socio-ecological transformation. They are not a specialist task for development or environmental policy, but are binding for all cabinet members.

Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Member of the Council

Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul


The Sustainable Shopping Basket - A guide to better shopping

The Sustainable Shopping Basket as a mobile website

The Sustainable Shopping Basket - A guide to better shopping

Day after day we take a lot of actions that co-decide, if the climate is protected, if limited resources are preserved or human rights respected: it starts with the breakfast egg in the morning, continues with the choice of the means of transport for the track to work and does not end in flipping through a catalogue looking for the new fridge, which should be taken into consideration. Consumers have power, because with their consumption and lifestyle habits they can at least influence the range of products and services or even the business practice in entire industrial sectors.

The Sustainable Shopping Basket - Making Life Easier

The sustainable shopping basket, which was developed by the imug (Institute on Market, Environment and Society) GmbH Hannover on behalf of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), sets its starting point in everyday life: The booklet (PDF, 5.3 MB) differentiates between frequent and rare shopping decisions and bigger, more scarce acquisitions and decisions as the purchase of a new car or investment. The booklet supports to develop new routines. The shopping basket describes the up to date debate on sustainable consumption. Currently there is momentum in the scientific, political and business driven discussion on that topic. Likewise dynamic is the presented publication that is published as fourth completely revised edition and experiences yearly updates in content.

Its predecessor, the sustainable shopping basket of 2003 has been completely updated to the latest level of information as the different labels available on the German market or additional sources of information. It has also been expanded with additional consumption fields as the choice of electricity supplier. In addition the brochure makes allowance for the fact that in many cases there are no definite answers. Is organically grown produce from foreign countries ecologically advantageous to conventional, regional produce? For such dilemma the guide gives simple rules of thumb. The aim is not perfection. But before everything is done the old fashion way, you should always find a personally good solution for such trade-offs.

Increasing Quality of Information: Your Opinion is Important for Us

The Sustainable Shopping Basket is an offer for discussion to all citizens, because the examination on sustainable lifestyle and consumption patterns is everything, but no one-way street. We look forward to your suggestions, critique and commendation!

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